Accident Repairs FAQS


Q. My Insurance Company says I have to use one of their approved repairers. Is this true?

A. No, Insurance Companies want you to use their approved repairers because it’s cheaper for them. You can use any bodyshop.


Q. Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?

A. Yes, all paintwork is guaranteed for six years and all new parts carry a three year manufacturers warranty.


Q. My vehicle manufacturer dealer says I must have accident repairs undertaken by a main dealer bodyshop or my warranty will be invalidated. Is this true?

A. No. All products used are manufacturer approved and we can undertake work to any make of vehicle and give the same guarantees as detailed above.


Q. Can I choose when I have my car collected and delivered?

A. We will endeavour to indicate morning, lunch or afternoon collections and deliveries which will be agreed with you in advance although we respectfully ask that you make yourself available for the whole of the agreed day.


Q. Will all the work be undertaken?

A. We are only able to undertake the work approved by the insurance company that is directly related to the accident circumstances. If you are unhappy with the engineer's decision it is important you contact your insurance company immediately.


Q. Will you carry out any other work I want?

A. Yes. It is cost effective to have additional work carried out at the same time as another repair.


Q. Will you investigate any existing problems with my vehicle?

A. We carry out a complete vehicle check before commencing work with any damage or faults noted. If you suspect any electrical fault to have been caused by the accident you must specifically inform your insurance company of this fault. We can only investigate this problem if it is authorised by your insurance company and not deemed to be an existing fault or the result of fair wear and tear.


Q. Will you MOT my car?

A. We are an independent bodyshop, not a garage. However we have built long-standing relations with several Garages in our area that can undertake MOTs on your request.


Q. What can cause delays to the estimated completion date?

  • Manufacturers parts may not be available or subject to back order.
  • The insurance engineer may need to inspect the vehicle.
  • Additional parts may be identified during the course of repairs.


Q. What will I have to pay before release of my vehicle?


  • Any excess applicable.
  • Any contributions specified by your insurance company.
  • VAT if you are VAT registered.
  • The cost of any works undertaken in addition to the insurance claim.


Q. Will genuine manufacturer parts be used when replacements are required?

A. Yes, genuine manufacturer parts are always used when repairing vehicles.

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